Review: Cloud Giant offers secure file upload and a ton of cloud storage space

Host your videos and music in the cloud using 25GB of free storage space.

Cloud Giant lacks a lot of features and has some performance issues, but 25GB of storage is a nice perk. Since it's dirt cheap to buy even more, this could become your favorite cloud-storage solution. It's probably not reliable enough for business use, but it will work just fine as a stash box for your personal files.

During installation, this program set off anti-virus alerts for a "suspicious download." However, there was no malware to be found. Since the program had its own installation wizard, the setup was straightforward and quick. To register, all you need is to provide your e-mail address and set a password. The app claims to give you 25GB of cloud storage for free for life. That's way more than most other cloud-backup services offer. If you want to bump your account up to 100GB, it's only a dollar a month, which is bargain-basement level pricing. Cloud Giant's backup utility isn't the prettiest program in the world, and sports some unattractive glossy buttons, as well as ads. It doesn't support dragging and dropping your files to upload them, either. Backup scheduling can be done manually, hourly, daily, and as an advance schedule with user-specified date and time. You can choose between two sharing options -- public and private, where public is done via a Web URL and private using the cloud application. For testing purposes we tried uploading various images, audio files, and videos. The uploading went quite smoothly. However, even after uploading a number of files, the site's server still didn't recognize most of them. It gave links to them all, but trying to visit any of those links led to a page telling us that the incorrect link has been provided. It took multiple attempts at times to get a working link.

There are obviously some hiccups and performance problems. Still, the promise of 25GB of storage makes it almost worth dealing with them. If you're in need of more online storage, give Cloud Giant a try. If you don't mind a few bumps in the road, it's a pretty spectacular deal.

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