Review: BrowsingHistoryView displays multiple browsing histories in one clean list

View your browsing history from all browsers at once using fast and effective BrowsingHistoryView.

BrowsingHistoryView displays history from multiple browsers in one tidy list. The program lets you do just about anything with the links it gives you except delete them from your history.

This program will round up all of your browsing history from the most popular programs. It supports IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, but sadly ditches official Opera support for SeaMonkey. Your history loads in a matter of seconds in the program and is presented in a clean, easy-to-read list. You can organize the list by view count, recent history, and of course, browser. That makes it easy to look for a particular link you visit a lot or something you were browsing on a particular day. You don't even need to close any open browser windows to get it to work. Once you've loaded your history in BrowsingHistoryView, you can click any link to open it in your default browser. You can copy multiple URLs, too. However, if you want to delete the history, you'll have to do it in the actual browser. That shouldn't be a deal breaker, though, since the program doesn't offer to help you manage the URLs. All it's meant to do is display your browsing history across multiple browsers.

BrowsingHistoryView looks good and performs exactly as expected. With its light footprint it's a useful download for anyone who uses multiple browsers and needs to see all of their activity.

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