Review: Download Web A/V quickly, in high quality with 4K Video Downloader

Download YouTube and other Web videos in great quality as fast as your computer and Internet connection can handle.

4K Video Downloader provides enough useful features and quality to put it head and shoulders above most YouTube downloaders. It gives you high-quality videos -- even if they aren't 4K -- and does it with a very low amount of clicks. It doesn't hurt that the program has a nice layout that makes browsing a snap.

At 17MB, this program isn't really bloated, but it's bigger than some other basic video downloaders. Once set up, it reads your clipboard for the most recent copied link and then downloads it. 4K Video Downloader can download videos in full quality and even upscale their resolution. It only goes up to 1080p, but not to 4K as you might believe from the name, though. The program keeps most of the video's quality, but the audio gets louder in the downloaded video for some reason. Though the program uses YouTube's iconography, it works with Vimeo and other video-sharing sites. It even lets you extract audio from a video if you just want the music to a music video. However, if you want to download multiple videos at once or a whole channel, you'll have to pay $10. That's not a bad price, but we found most of the best parts of this program are in the free version, too.

4K Video Downloader is one of the smoothest YouTube downloaders you can find. It packs enough features, style, and format options to keep most video fans happy.

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