Review: Weather Photos offers dozens of ways to create 'climatic' photos

Create weather-related photos for your region and share to social networks with ease.

Weather Photos is a fun app that allows you to create any number of customized photos with weather information for your current location. You can choose from more than a dozen different styles, edit the images, load photos from your existing library, and then share them with friends or family on numerous social networks. For a weather-photo focused app, there are a huge number of options here and it works quite well.

When you first open Weather Photo, you can start taking photos immediately, snapping an image as the weather overlay displays onscreen. This helps you frame the photo, or you can slide with the swipe of a finger to find other screens you can use for your weather display. In addition, there are flash controls, and you can change the camera angle, brighten images, or perform some basic edits before uploading to a social network of your choice. From start to finish the process takes only a few seconds to set up and start using, and the resulting images you create are impressive in a number of ways.

Weather Photo is not a unique app -- there are numerous other weather-photography apps on the App Store -- but it looks and feels like one of the most robust of its kind. The ease of use, sheer number of options at your disposal, and your ability to sort through the various filters before, during, and after taking a photo, make it a very powerful tool.

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