Review: Stop Motion Maker helps you line up photos for stop motion video creation

Create stop motion videos on your iOS device with this easy-to-use photo taking app.

Stop Motion Maker is a very basic-looking app at first glance, but as you start using it, the work invested by the developers becomes apparent; this is a very effective recording app. As the name implies, Stop Motion Maker helps you create stop motion videos with your phone. However, where it could have phoned it in with a simple fast-photo taking option or a video converter, the app does more. It provides an overlay so you can see exactly what your last photo was.

The result is an app that makes stop motion photography with your phone, while not exactly easy, very possible. For amateur videographers, tools like tripods and stabilizers will be needed because the shots cannot be synced very effectively when the camera is handheld. However, it's surprisingly easy to get the images to line up when you do it just right, and the overlay, with its partial transparency, is very effective in helping you see where the next shot should be placed. Of course, without practice and without direction, you may get frustrated by the resulting videos. This app is not designed as a casual tool; it will take time and focus to get it just right.

If you have both time and focus, however, and don't mind a bit of a learning curve, you'll have quite a bit of fun with the Stop Motion Maker tools included in this app. It's not a perfect solution for a complex filmmaking process, but it does a lot more than you might otherwise expect from an iOS app.

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