Review: Spot Differences Lite is easy to use but hard to master

Spot and mark the differences between photos before time runs out.

Spot Differences Lite is yet another "spot the difference" photo game app for iOS, but it does a few things right where others fail. And with quick performance, it can be a fun, little app. There are certainly limitations here, but the developer has taken his time ensuring that the images match up carefully, the differences are realistic, and the game is challenging without being impossible.

When you first open the app, you can choose between "relax" and "challenge." The two modes are the same with the exception of a timer in challenge mode that will count down from 100 as you attempt to find all of the differences. In both cases, you are given only three strikes. If you miss three times, you lose and must restart. The game does a good job of recognizing what you tap, however; and because all of the hidden objects are realistic, and not too dim or dark, they are possible to catch without a magnifying glass. The game could certainly use more game modes, an option to choose between different photos, and possibly other online options, but the core experience is very well executed.

If you enjoy hidden picture games, Spot Differences Lite is free, easy to use, and well designed, without so many of the design flaws in other free hidden object games. It's not perfect by any means, but it will serve as a fun distraction the next time you have a few minutes on a train to kill.

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