Review: Smart Recorder DE Lite is feature rich but rough around the edges

Record, save, and share audio notes on your iOS device.

Smart Recorder DE Lite is a free audio recording app with a huge range of features, only slightly bogged down by the rudimentary interface. If you are interested in a free replacement for the built-in audio recording tools in your iOS device, consider this app, but beware that it has a sharper learning curve than some alternative apps, and the interface remains cumbersome, even after that curve is handled.

When you first open Smart Recorder DE you can immediately start recording audio. If you have recordings in the app already done, you can view them on the home screen, open those recordings, append them, edit them, or send them. You can also create and store recordings in different categories, import other recordings from your device or, turn AP on and off, and export recordings by e-mail or other device. The sheer volume of export options alone shows you just how much you can do with this app. You can also do things like tag different parts of a recording, add photos, and more. While every menu works, and each recording offers dozens of options for what you can see and do on screen, this app is still often unnecessarily complicated to use. With a bit more work on making its features and options more accessible and easy to use, this would be a real winner.

Smart Recorder DE Lite is a fantastic app in many ways, which makes the often cumbersome interface that much more frustrating. If you are looking for a lot of features in a free recording app, without some of the common free limitations these apps have, check out Smart Recorder DE Lite, but be prepared to spend some time mastering all it has to offer.

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