Review: Simon Says Classic brings remember and tap gameplay to iOS

Tap the buttons in the right sequence to show off your memory skills.

Simon Says Classic brings to your iOS device the classic game of button tapping and memory testing and it does so mostly without issue. The app is not especially impressive in any way, but it does a good job of replicating the memory game with color tapping action that can carry on for some time, high score tracking, and plenty of achievements to keep you trying for a new level of performance.

There are two options in Simon Says Classic -- a standard game that will last until you miss one (tracking your scores the entire time) and a zen mode that will go on endlessly, giving you multiple attempts to get it just right. The normal mode works exactly as you remember it, adding one new tap of a button every round. You must copy the sequence provided by the computer and the higher you go, the higher your score. This all works well, you can see where your high scores are listed, and each match is relatively fast with no slowdown or sluggishness in the app. The Zen mode is a particularly nice touch, too, for those who don't want the stress of starting over.

Simon Says Classic is the perfect game to play when you have 10 minutes on a train or bus to burn and don't feel like diving into something more intensive. This version is polished and fun to play; and while it's not mind-blowing or revolutionary, it shows a solid attention to detail that makes it an overall success.

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