Review: Side by Side (Photos) is perfect for creating dual photo frames to share

Load two images to compare, combine, or share with friends on your iOS device.

Side by Side (Photos) allows you to load two photos at once to compare, edit, or share, and while it works well, the interface is dated enough to be frustrating for many functions. iOS screen resolution and size now makes it possible to load photos at a high enough resolution that this is a useful app; the tools here are decent, too. But because the interface is unlabeled, options are often hidden, and pop-ups are frequent, it is not very easy to use.

Side by Side (Photo) will load any two images at once next to each other. Tap the load button to choose two from your library or use the camera to take two photos and load them into the frame. You can then choose to add a border, change the orientation to landscape, unlink the images, or share them with friends through the in-app sharing tools. This all works well, but without an editing tool to actually adjust the images or change borders and with the unintuitive interface slowing down your exploration of the app, the process can be unnecessarily frustrating. With the lack of labels and options that aren't easy to access, you may end up spending more time trying to figure out exactly how to use the app instead of just getting down to work.

Side By Side (Photo) provides a feature that many more advanced photo apps do not, so if you want to compare and combine photos without sorting through collage options, it may be useful, but with limited situations for use, and a dated and inefficient setup, this app could use some more work before it becomes universally useful.

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