Review: Pic Lock 3 Ultimate is a feature-rich, secure photo vault

Protect your photos from prying eyes with this very well-made iOS app.

Pic Lock 3 password protects images and albums on your iOS device to keep them safe from prying eyes, and it does so extremely well. Unlike many other password vault apps, this one is very easy to use, with deep tutorial integration, numerous functions, and upgrade options that are useful but not required to use the app at its most basic level.

When you first open Pic Lock 3, you will set your initial pin number. After you verify the pin, you can start adding new images to a library or vault of your choice. By default, you have three options -- a personal, business, or unfiled library for photos. You can take new photos directly from the app or copy them from your photo library. With bluetooth sharing and iTunes sharing support as well, however, you can transfer files from other devices without having to ever access them in an unsecure app. There are numerous other options, as well, including for notes, contacts, passwords, tasks, and downloads from the Web. This is a very deep, feature-rich app, but with tutorials on every screen you'll know exactly what to do next.

While some of the more advanced apps and features in Pic Lock 3 Ultimate are not available without paying, the app works very well without those upgrades, offering numerous options by default. It's an easy-to-use, efficient, and very secure app -- one of the best on the App Store.

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