Review: Photo Collage + Frames creates dozens of frame and collage options

Create and save photo collages and frames from your iOS device.

Photo Collage + Frames offers a number of collages, frames, and photo organization tools, but with sluggish controls, slow load times, and a number of issues, it could use some work. The app offers what is generally very common in picture and collage apps on the App Store today. For the most part they work as expected, but with certain features locked and others that don't always respond as they should, the app doesn't compare well to its competitors.

When you first load Photo Collage + Frames, you can choose from one of many different collage shapes, frames, and backgrounds for your photos. This screen offers plenty of options and they are varied enough for what most people will need. However, once you choose one and start trying to add images, you'll find many of the app's most frustrating problems start to develop. First, the buttons are not very responsive. You can tap them two or three times before they register the tap. In other cases, it will misinterpret your taps as an upgrade request and you'll get an in-app pop-up for an upgrade. Other features are missing here, too, including a full bevy of sharing tools and the editing functions that are locked until an upgrade.

If you are looking for a photo collage and framing app, this is not the best free option on the App Store, currently. It lacks much of what makes these apps so useful and the performance issues will likely frustrate more than help you.

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