Review: Minimal is an attractive and quick app, but is ultimately forgettable

Take photos and edit and share them with this streamlined photo app.

Minimal is a camera app that does exactly as its name promises; it minimizes the number of options to streamline taking and sharing photos. The effect is good, but the app does little more than the bare basics, making it just slightly better than what your iPhone already has built in. Combined with ads in the app, it's a toss up as to whether a switch to this app would make sense for your needs.

When you open Minimal, you can tell the designers were keen to make it look good and easy to use. The app is pretty, it runs very quickly, and while there are ads, they rarely intrude on what you are doing. The options here are fairly straightforward. Take a photo or load one from your camera. It is then pasted onto a Polaroid-style frame and you can edit it with the third-party Aviary editing tools built into the app. These are great, but they appear in dozens of other apps, so while they are welcome here, they bring nothing new to the table. When done editing, you can share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or over e-mail. You can also print from your phone -- a nice touch.

Minimal is a decent app. It works well, it runs quickly, and it takes good photos. And while there are no limitations in the strictest sense, the app doesn't go above and beyond to offer anything you won't find elsewhere. If you need a new camera app, this is a good one to try. If you need the best camera app, there are others to choose from.

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