Review: Kids Mosaic is a fun, easy-to-use coloring and free form creativity app

Create mosaics with colorful beads in this rudimentary yet fun-to-use children's app.

Kids Mosaic is a fun, easy-to-use app that allows you to fill in the blanks to create colored photos or create them free hand with the mosaic tiles provided. The concept is very straightforward, but the different options, lack of ads, and general ease of use make it a fantastic app for children with a creative streak.

Kids Mosaic offers two modes -- the first being to fill in prerendered sheets -- a cross between a puzzle and a coloring book. The second is to add tiles to the screen in freeform, creating new images from scratch. Both are very well executed, with a clearly-labeled interface, easy-to-use controls, and plenty of options. For example, if you select the colored sheets, you can switch between them quickly if one sheet is boring or too hard. You can then save and share it with family or friends. The freeform mode offers all the same options, but with easier access to the tiles and no clear distractions.

Kids Mosaic is a great app -- one that any child who enjoys coloring books, blocks, tangram puzzles, or tactile mosaics will enjoy. There are many options here, and while the app is paid, you'll appreciate the lack of ads and upgrade notices when using it. Combined with the robust feature set, this is a great children's app.

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