Review: iQuarium allows you to care for your own personal digital goldfish

Create an aquarium on your phone, feed your fish, and more in this uneven digital pet app.

iQuarium is a digital aquarium app that allows you to create a habitat and raise a fish of your choosing on your iPhone. The result is attractive and at times fun, but with a handful of bugs, a tiny interface that is hard to use, and general sluggishness in the app, it can be frustrating, defeating the purpose of an app designed to help you relax.

The app starts with a few quick tutorial steps, showing you how to set up an aquarium, add gravel, choose a fish, feed it, and start adding foliage to the aquarium. This all works to some degree, but we had repeated trouble getting the buttons to work on the inventory screen, and the buttons and icons are almost all too small to tap accurately the first time. So while everything works, it may require multiple taps, which can be quite frustrating. This alone wouldn't be a major issue except that you'll be doing it quite a bit to keep your fish happy, and interacting with the fish is one of the best parts of the app.

iQuarium looks good, runs smoothly with only a few performance bumps along the way (some options are sluggish to respond, which could be by design), and can be relaxing in short bursts. But the interface and overall design decisions that slow down interaction or require multiple attempts may be too much for those who want a relaxing experience.

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