Review: InstaLove is a buggy Instagram add-on with many ads and few features

Create frames and collages between ads and in-app purchase notifications.

InstaLove attempts to provide additional features for Instagram users, but is bogged down by too many ads and notifications, combined with an often slow-to-respond interface. The result is an app that manages to frustrate far more often than it delights, and will take away from your overall Instagram experience rather than adding to it.

The first thing you see when you load InstaLove is an ad, which isn't uncommon in free apps but it is a sign of things to come. The features here are very familiar -- allowing you to create framed photos and collages in Instagram sizes that you can then save to your camera roll for access later in Instagram. There is no direct Instagram integration, and while a lot of the styling of Instagram was borrowed here, the interface still felt sluggish and unresponsive at times -- nowhere near as fun and easy to use as the app for which it was designed. The only sharing option is to your camera roll, and with no editing tools after adding images, it's a very limiting app.

The biggest concern here, however, is not the features, but the app's performance. Ads appear at nearly every screen, sometimes delayed and often redirecting you to the App Store, your browser, or an in-app purchase banner. It's frustratingly intrusive and seriously detracts from the app. Combined with the randomly locked frames and the banner ad at the base of the app, the free version of InstaLove is too bogged down by its monetization methods to be useful.

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