Review: Backup Cow connects your iOS device to a P2P or PC system for photo backups

Back up your photos remotely from this streamlined, often complicated iOS app.

Backup Cow is a remote backup system for your photos, allowing you to move them to a device or system you've installed similar software on. It is compatible with PC and P2P systems, so it is possible to move your photos to and from other iOS devices and PC desktop computers; and with a relatively quick response time and decent set of features, it is a useful tool.

After installing Backup Cow, you'll need to ensure it is installed on other devices, as well. You can download a desktop client to your computer or you can install an app on another iOS device. This will then appear as an option in your app when determining what you want to transfer. While the app is open, you can choose anything from your photo library to upload to the server or you can download images that have been indicated on the connected device as available. In both cases, you have a number of options, allowing you to connect your system to another and move images -- all of this for free.

If you need a more robust backup and remote download option for the photos on your iOS device, Backup Cow is a good piece of software. We were impressed with the quick upload and download speeds, experienced no major delays or errors, and the settings allow you to make changes to how the system works, easily.

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