Review: A Ultra Camera looks good but brings little new to camera apps

Take, save, edit, and share images in this pretty but ultimately familiar camera app.

A Ultra Camera is a useful camera app that looks good, but it offers little new to the field of camera apps and lacks some other useful options. Integrating Aviary editing tools -- a common practice for many free apps on the App Store today -- the app has quite a few tools in place, but the strength of Aviary's suite is also a weakness, as the app fails to stand out in any significant way.

After loading the app, you can start taking photos right away. Choose your options, open the camera, and take a photo. It is then cropped according to your choices to a square format and mounted on a digital picture frame. All of this looks quite good. From there you can open the Aviary settings to edit the photo or you can share it through one of three social networks or by e-mail. There is an air print option as well as a resolution setting option -- both of which are welcome in a photo app. The overall suite of tools, however, is nothing new, so the app doesn't manage to move beyond its core components.

A Ultra Camera is free, and was bug free in all of our tests, even though it did have multiple ad pop-ups. There were no delays, though, and the pop-ups only occurred on non-editing or camera screens, so the effect wasn't too intrusive. If you are looking for a good, free camera app, this is a decent one, but it won't replace all of the tools that others on your device likely offer.

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