Review: 1-Tap Camera Free streamlines adding images to any one album on iOS

Instantly take and save photos to one of four predefined albums with this camera app.

1-Tap Camera Free allows you to take photos that are then stored directly to one of four unique albums on your device with a single tap. The effect is that you can organize and store photos more easily than you do by default, cutting out a huge chunk of organization that you might otherwise perform after taking a large number of photos.

While 1-Tap Camera doesn't offer many other editing tools or options, this single function is a nice one and it works well. The app loads directly to a camera screen where you can change any default settings like the flash and which camera is active. After doing this, you can tap one of the four buttons at the bottom of the screen. Whichever button you tap, the photo you take will be stored to that album on your device. It's fast, it's easy, and the images are ready to view in your album. You can also change the names of these albums at any time from their accurate but dull default -- "Album 1," "Album 2," etc.

1-Tap Camera Free is a great app if you only need a tool that will better organize your photos as you take them. It's fast, easy to use, and generally quite effective at taking decent photos with the built-in iOS tools. If you're looking for more robust camera options or editing tools, you'll need to pair it with another app, but this is a good free app to help you keep your photos organized.

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