Review: Shape Your Photo transforms your images with various shape overlays

Add a shape to the screen and transform your images before sharing with friends.

Shape Your Photo offers only one way to edit and manipulate your images, but it does so in a very robust way, offering dozens of options for framing your images. As a result, the app is fun to use and has multiple reuse opportunities as you practice choosing new frames, changing border width, adjusting color, and changing how your images look in their frames.

With Shape Your Photo, you can start manipulating images as soon as it's set up. Just choose an image from your library or take a new one with your camera, select a frame from the rather long list of options -- everything from shapes to smiley faces are in here -- and then adjust the frame around the image until it fits just right. After selecting any one frame, you can change the thickness, color, or transparency to fit your final image. The overall editing options are limited, but because there are so many options for how to use this main feature, the app works well. It also has several options to upload to the social network of your choice.

If you're eager to add frames to your photos, or just spice them up in some way before sharing, then Shape Your Photo will be a fun app for you. It's not the most powerful photo editing app on the market, but it manages to be a success because of the attention to detail and options available in the single feature provided.

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