Review: Postcard Maker Free works but not without some issues

Create postcards on your iPhone, add photos, text, and special effects, and then save and share.

Postcard Maker Free is designed to create digital postcards that you can then share with your friends or family via a number of social networks. As a result it has quite a few options, all of which are useful, but because of a mediocre interface and some small performance issues, it never quite overcomes its limitations to become an app you'll want to use more than a couple of times.

Upon initial installation you can start making postcards right away, but there is no tutorial walking you through any of the steps involved in doing so. It sounds simple: Choose a format, and then start adding text, photos, and other effects. The problem is that most menus are hidden, the text is hard to edit or move, and the finished postcards never look quite right. They're not bad, but they just don't turn out great. Menus are available depending on where you tap the screen, so it's really just a startup learning curve you need to overcome, but that alone can be frustrating and enough to drive away casual users. Once you figure out how to use the app and find all the appropriate menus to create your postcard, it works decently well the rest of the way. You can change borders, add special effects, load images from your camera, and then share with friends.

Postcard Maker Free can help you create and share digital postcards, but it could be easier to use. Less-experienced users may well give up before ever getting a single message out, while others may want a more polished final product.

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