Review: PocketPass Free protects your personal information on an iOS device

Add and store log-ins, account information, and more on your iOS device with this app.

PocketPass Free is designed to protect your log-ins, personal data, and other account-related information from unauthorized access on your iPhone. It does this by creating a password protected layer and organizing all of your personal information into folders that you can access with the tap of a button. However, with limited security options, a bare-bones interface, and some performance-related issues, the app isn't as powerful as a lot of other password protection apps on the market.

The first step after downloading PocketPass Free is to choose your password and set up your account. Once this is done, you can access the secure folders where your passwords and log-ins will be stored. They are broken down into various categories like bank accounts, social media, and e-mail. While this is a nice touch, the lack of customization here is frustrating. You cannot add labels to some of your log-ins, the options for what information you provide are limited, and copy and pasting doesn't always work properly. Combined with a slide interface that isn't always responsive, there are some real issues here.

For those that have a large number of log-ins they want to store on their personal device for future access, an app like PocketPass Free can be a useful tool. However, with its interface and performance issues, and with other, better options available, this isn't the strongest choice.

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