Review: Photo Frames. Free is a buggy, poorly-executed photo framing app

Attempt to create framed photos on your iOS device, despite a number of bugs.

Photo Frames. Free is a poorly-designed app with a number of bugs and restrictive trial limitations that make it nearly impossible to get anything meaningful done. From the process of loading an image to the overabundance of ads onscreen and the lack of usable sharing features, the app is bogged down by both design flaws and performance problems.

When you open the app for the first time, you can choose to take a photo, load one from your library, or choose a frame. Each of these items is under an unmarked menu item, and the save and e-mail functions are hidden along with them. The actual "e-mail" button that you'd expect to be used for sharing does nothing except remind you to upgrade the app and there are no external sharing integrations, so anything you create goes to your photo library or out via e-mail. Facebook integration pops up at times, but it's unclear where and how it is used to send images. Moreover, the frames are numerous, but tend to load on their own at times and cannot be moved or edited.

Photo Frames. Free has quite a few issues, from the lack of control over visual presentation to the three bars of ads that eat up screen space and the constant reminder to upgrade so you can unlock other features. The result is an app that, while functional, won't provide nearly any of the options it promises before downloading. We recommend finding another framing app for your next photo project.

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