Review: GIF Photo Share creates and shares animated images from your device

Create new GIFs to share with friends over social networks or your messaging apps.

GIF Photo Share is designed to help you create and manage GIFs on your iPhone for sharing via messaging apps, Facebook, or Twitter among others, and it works well for the most part. The core function of this app is to create new GIFs, and while the options here can be limited depending on what you are trying to create, the overall experience is a good one.

After you set up GIF Photo Share you can connect your social networks or start creating GIFs. The app will find and load images from your library if you already have GIFs on your iPhone. You can also create new ones by taking numerous photos and stringing them together into a single streamlined GIF. Because it does this manually and with photos, the GIFs don't always look that great, but it works well if you're doing something short. Rendering is quick, however, and once you have finished your GIF you can save it and share it with anyone on the social networks connected to the app.

GIF Photo Share offers an easy way to create new GIFs, share them with other users via social media or messaging apps, and build your library of GIFs to view and edit directly from this app. It's easy to use in a lot of ways and therefore a great companion for anyone that enjoys the GIF phenomenon currently sweeping the mobile landscape.

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