Review: Game Your Video offers numerous filters and editing tools for your videos

Modify, augment, and change your videos to any number of styles on your iOS device.

Game Your Video is a fun app -- delivering numerous tools to edit, tweak, re-theme, and filter your videos so they take on a life of their own. If you enjoy editing videos, making changes to things like coloring, soundtrack, background noise, and other fun adjustments, then this is an app you will almost certainly have fun with.

The idea behind Game Your Video is to give you multiple "flavors" you can apply to your clips to create new and exciting videos. You can also combine clips, split them up, create split screen videos, and more; but the real meat of this app is the filter library. After selecting a clip, you can select a Flavor to apply to it. While you can create a custom flavor using the various options built-in to the app, the most fun you'll have, at least at first, is sifting through the presets: ones like Chaplin, Haunted, 8MM, Funny talks, and more. There are others but they are paid unlocks you'll need to buy separately.

The final results of your edits are often astounding -- and you can tweak them even more if you like with tools to speed up, slow down, jitter, shake, and echo your video. The sheer number of options here will keep you coming back for more to get a better feel for what this app can do and how it will transform your videos. If you enjoy videos and seeing what they can look like with the right editing, then this is an app for you.

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