Review: Frujuici's Juici Up Your Photo with Graffiti filters and shares fun photos

Create graffiti-style images from your photos with this unique filter app.

Frujuici's Juici Up Ur Photo with Graffiti is a unique, fun-to-use app for creating wall art out of your images. It doesn't do a lot, but for the things it does, it does them very well. All you need to do is select or take a photo and the app will automatically convert that photo into a wall-art style graffiti image that you can then tag with text of your choosing before sharing with friends.

When you load the app, the first step is to choose or take a new image. Just about any image will work, although high-contrast images made the best impression on our wall-art photos, in tests. After loading the image, you can choose the depth, color, and lighting of your graffiti, and then choose a tag and text to place in that tag. You cannot remove the watermark in the tag from the app's developer, but it is not too prominent when shared and probably won't be what people see, anyway. All of this works well, though we found ourselves wanting more editing tools to make changes to how the finished photos looked.

Despite the lack of final editing tools, Frujuici's app is a fun diversion that allows you to create a number of graffiti-style images that you can share with friends, with the tap of a button. If you enjoy photo filters or want to test out something new, give this one a spin.

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