Review: flickRoll for Facebook connects you with your Facebook friends' videos

Access, play, and save videos produced by your friends on Facebook.

flickRoll for Facebook sifts through the thousands of updates over the course of the life of your friends' Facebook accounts so you can view all of their videos. The effect is actually quite impressive as the app will create a list of every friend on your account, and all of the videos they have. Stretching back years in some instances, we were able to access more than 300 videos after just a few seconds, all pulled directly from Facebook.

Setup for flickRoll for Facebook is quick -- just log in to your Facebook account and start searching through your friends list. Each friend with any videos on their account is highlighted so you can tap it, showing how many videos are available. Tap their name and start looking through their videos, sorted chronologically. You can then watch the video from the app, download it for later, or click on any of their other videos to open it in the same interface. There are, ironically, no social features here; you cannot comment on or share the videos from the app. It's more of a private viewing tool and for this it works quite well.

It's surprising when you start searching to see how many videos are available from your friends on Facebook. flickRoll for Facebook allows you to access every one of them in an instant, quickly sorting through years of data to help you find only the videos you care about. This is a very well-made, easy-to-use, and quick app -- a tool Facebook fans will find very useful.

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