Review: Color SMS creates colorful text messages for your messaging app in iOS

Create colorful SMS messages with different fonts and effects on your iPhone.

Color SMS is designed to provide a feature that the iPhone does not -- colorful, multistyle text messages that anyone can see. The app works in this way, but the process of making it happen, combined with a sometimes frustrating interface, can make it hard to get the results you want quickly enough to be useful.

When you first start Color SMS, you'll receive a message that outlines several steps you must take before the app will work. If you close this message, the app will seem to work but may not display the text properly when sent to a friend. While it may seem that the app is ineffective, it's just important to read and follow these directions. Even then, though, the app is still a little hard to use, with buttons that are not always responsive, a copy/paste function that doesn't always copy and paste, and a font list that doesn't convert text every time you choose a new one. While every tool here works in the end, the lag and sometimes ineffectiveness of the options can make it a frustrating experience at first.

Color SMS works on a very basic level, so if you are interested in creating colorful, multifont-style text messages on your iOS device, then this app can get the job done. However, keep in mind that the setup is a bit long and the app buttons do not always work as intended. The issues may offset the usefulness, especially if you want to use this app frequently.

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