Review: Cleanup & Delete Duplicate Contacts for Multi-Accounts does what it says

Clean up, manage, and merge contacts on your iOS device with this easy-to-use app.

Cleanup & Delete Duplicate Contacts for Multi-Accounts does exactly as it says, clearing up issues in your contact list to streamline your address book. It's a very useful tool that doesn't offer a lot of frills or gimmicks, but does what it promises quickly, properly, and without any issues. It's a must-have for anyone with an address book that syncs across multiple services and apps.

After installation, you can create an account with the service or just start cleaning up your contacts. It will automatically populate your contact lists from iCloud or other services you are using, and then show you duplicates, groups, and other options you have. Things like missing photos, missing names, and duplicate entries are highlighted so you can either fix them or delete them. You can also create an account and back up your contacts to the server of the developer, effectively making it so your newly cleaned contact list never gets lost. This is a very popular app -- and for good reason. It doesn't overload you with options and upgrade reminders like others of its kind, and it is very fast at what it does.

If you have a large database of contacts that you don't have time to sort through, Cleanup & Delete Duplicate Contacts for Multi-Accounts is a useful tool that will make it a lot easier to manage your contact lists on an iOS device.

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