Review: Black + White Camera HD converts new/existing photos to black & white

Create crisp-looking, black & white photos with your iOS device.

Black + White Camera HD does everything you'd expect based on the name alone, providing a plethora of options for taking new images in black & white or converting your existing pics. The design, interface, and general performance are all very good, though, with a handful of hiccups that detracted from some parts of the overall experience. If you are at all eager to take classic-style black & white images on your iPhone, this is one of the better apps out there for doing so.

Like most camera apps, Black + White Camera HD goes straight to the camera screen when you open it. The app provides a number of helpful tips and tutorial notes to get you started, including pointing out the very important black & white features of this particular app. The effect is that you can start taking customized images almost immediately with your phone, tapping that flash button in the bottom-right corner to change the style and look of the image on the fly. You can just as easily load your photo library and convert existing images to black & white. This all works quite well, though there are some issues with load times of the library and some of our photos came out blurry where normal photos did not.

Despite the small issues we had, if you are interested in taking black & white photos or converting your existing ones, this is a good app with which to do so. It's designed for black & white photography and it shows in almost every aspect of the app.

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