Review: Anagram Twist is a fun, if basic, word game for your iPhone

Solve a variety of brain bender word puzzles to reach the next level.

Anagram Twist does little new to amplify the experience of solving word scramble puzzles, but the general layout, design, and style of each puzzle makes it ultimately very rewarding. There are dozens of options (even in the free version), you can solve puzzles in a number of different lengths, and the higher levels of challenge really do stretch your mind; so it's a great option for anyone that enjoys anagrams.

When you first open the app, it looks a little unpolished, but considering what it is designed to offer, that isn't too surprising. The first puzzles are easy enough, but as you progress they become increasingly more difficult, with various longer, vowel barren puzzles. Each puzzle tasks you with completing different length words with the longest word being what you need to move to the next level (or some combination of shorter words). It does not, however, offer much in the way of competitive features. There are no timers, high score tables, or multiplayer here, so you'll get bogged down rather quickly if you're not a big fan of anagram puzzles.

If you are a fan of these types of word puzzles, however, there is little to dislike about Anagram Twist. You get a number of free anagram puzzles, a decent puzzle interface, and no ads popping out at you every three seconds prompting you to upgrade.

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