Review: Mindful Browsing for Mac keeps users focused while working

Keep Internet distractions to a minimum with little fuss using Mindful Browsing for Mac.

As an extension for the Safari Web browser, Mindful Browsing for Mac allows users to block sites they check too often. With its easy-to-use features and seamless integration with the browser, the application successfully accomplishes the task of reminding easily-distracted users what they shouldn't be doing.

After downloading, the free extension installs quickly into Safari, and its preferences appear in the menu without your having to restart the browser. A new icon installs just next to the URL bar. While it is not clearly labeled or obvious in its function, holding the mouse over it does tell the user it is part of the application. Mindful Browsing for Mac is based on the premise that users often visit Web sites multiple times throughout the day, even when there are few to no changes. This distraction is troublesome to many who need to focus on things like work or school. While visiting one of these sites, users can click on the icon, which adds it to a blocked list. Later, if the user attempts to visit the site, a pop-up displays, asking the user if they really want to visit the site. Now, this isn't a complete blocker -- you'll have the option of continuing on to the site -- but this extra reminder may be just enough of a prompt to keep you from spending too much time on specific sites. The Preferences menu also allows the program to be activated only on certain days, which can be useful for those who want the restrictions for work time.

If you find yourself easily distracted by checking the same Web sites multiple times per day, then Mindful Browsing for Mac can be a very useful tool to keep you focused on other tasks.

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