Review: Locate hidden and system files on Mac OS X with DeepInside for Mac

Search and access all files and folders on Mac OS X easily using a well-designed system browser DeepInside for Mac.

A well-designed and comprehensive search tool, DeepInside for Mac easily locates any hidden and system files and folders on Mac OS X. Its interface, which is intuitive, and ability to comprehensively search a computer are a step above other, similar applications.

The program's well-designed installer walks the user through the process, with little input needed. The program's interface is similarly well-rendered, making it easy to use for those familiar with Search and Finder windows. A sidebar on the left displays the available disks and large folders. Selecting them brings up a menu in the middle where the contents are displayed. A top bar contains a Preferences menu, as well as a section where users can place limits on search results. This can be based on size, label, or date created. A standard search bar is well placed at the top-center of the window, while a large rectangular box on the right displays the search results in a list by name, which is the easiest format to use. A row of vertical buttons allows them to be revealed in a Finder window, and lets you open a terminal for use. In addition, DeepInside for Mac allows the user to get some additional info. and properties on each searched file or folder as well as compare two or more files or folders in order to check if they are the same.

Many programs exist for locating hidden files, but most just allow them to be shown as a whole, without any accompanying search features. DeepInside for Mac's comprehensive viewing capabilities make it a more useful tool, especially for advanced users such as programmers and software developers.

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