Review: Wake Up Alarm Clock Free includes awesome features

Turn your Android gadget into a powerful alarm clock using Wake Up Alarm Clock Free.

Wake Up Alarm Clock Free offers loads of unique features, but in order to change and customize its appearance and remove the ads you need to purchase the Pro version. Still, even if you don't choose to upgrade, it's one of the better alarm apps on Android and is awesome if you want to turn an old phone into a full-time alarm clock.

Wake Up Alarm Clock Free features plenty of neat ways to wake you up and comes with three widgets you can place on your home screen. In addition to vibration and gentle wake settings, the app offers interesting snooze settings, too. You can set it so you have to do a math puzzle or load a particular game to turn off the alarm and turn on the snooze. The snooze can be set for up to half an hour. You can set multiple alarms and customize them according to your needs. This is particularly useful if you need alarms throughout the day and not just to wake up in the morning. When setting the alarm you can choose which days you want it to repeat, and set alarm volume and ringtone. The app uses your standard alarm tone by default, but it can be changed to play a particular ringtone if you upgrade. In addition, by upgrading to the pro version you will be able to remove ads and customize the app's color in case you don't like the cool neon blue it uses by default.

Wake Up Alarm Clock Free can turn your Android into the only alarm you'll need. The free version works just fine, but we think it's worth it to upgrade to get rid of the ads.

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