Review: Taskbar - Windows 8 Style gives your Android device a cool control center

Get a Windows-style Start menu with all of its common features on your Android device.

While giving the user a nifty Windows-esque Start menu, Taskbar - Windows 8 Style looks a little awkward on most small-screen smartphones. The design is well executed, but it just doesn't shrink down well to five-inch and smaller screens. It's worth exploring, though, and some users will definitely love what it does since it's a neat way to transition from desktop computers to mobile devices.

The Taskbar - Windows 8 Style app plops a moveable "Start" button on your phone. When you tap it, you get a screen that looks and feels like the Start menu, which, despite the name, isn't the Windows 8-tiled Start screen, but the earlier, traditional Windows Start menu. It gives you access to all of your apps in a scrollable list. It even has tabs of your most recently-used programs for easy access and lets you pin programs to its taskbar. Your menu also includes common features like Airplane Mode and Bluetooth and a built-in task killer. Sadly, all of these features make the menu, itself, very, very small. Even when you stretch it out to cover the entire screen, it's a little hard to navigate. Though you can change a lot about the program's layout, you can't change the app's "Start" button icon without upgrading.

Taskbar - Windows 8 Style presents a cool way to re-imagine your phone's layout, but there are parts of the app that just don't work for small-screen smartphones. Android tablet owners will be the ones who truly appreciate what this program does and reap the most benefits from using it.

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