Review: Turn your photos into interesting collages with Stitch Pic:Collage Maker

Create interesting photo collages from a number of templates and share them online using Stitch Pic:Collage Maker.

Stitch Pic:Collage Maker's extensive template options address almost every any user's needs. Despite its advertising, which is extensive, the program's ease of use and great menus make it a good choice for those looking to organize images.

After startup, Stitch Pic:Collage Maker displays a typical advertisement window, which is easily dismissed. The main menu is easy to navigate with graphics that look good on a smartphone screen. Starting a new project is accomplished by clicking a single button, which is easy to identify. The next screen displays the layout options, which are extensive and cover three screens. As with most programs, swiping navigates the screens. Once one is chosen, an enlarged version appears, and each square has a plus mark. Pressing these allows the user to select an existing image, or take a new one with their camera. This all completes seamlessly and without any unnecessary delays. Once the images in a collage are chosen, the user can save it for later use. Unfortunately, installing the program places ads in the alert area of the phone, which is uncommon for free programs. These caused the phone to vibrate when they appeared. They were quite distracting on the test device and difficult to dismiss. Ads also obscured the images along the top of the window that serve as a user tutorial, making them difficult to decipher.

For those who do not mind obtrusive ads on their phone, Stitch Pic:Collage Maker's extensive template options and quick operation make it a good collage creation application.

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