Review: Roller Coaster brings creative fun, but its difficulty and controls frustrate

Put your reflexes to the test by riding the roller coaster of doom in this jumping game.

Roller Coaster is a reasonably fun game, but its controls are not as smooth as they should be and the ads can get in the way. Since it's a graphics game, it can often mean the difference between winning and losing. Still, the game's unique look and feel and easy achievements may keep players entertained enough to forgive that.

Roller Coaster mixes cute graphics with over-the-top dramatics. It's not gory, but there are cheesy explosions and satirical action movie music that you'll either love or hate. Sadly, there are only two levels to explore in the app, but both are long and randomized enough to give the game some replay value. In Roller Coaster, you pilot an out-of-control roller coaster cart as you duck and jump over random obstacles. It sounds like an easy timing game, but it's far more difficult than it should be. The fact that the controls sometimes don't respond immediately to your taps can be frustrating. The game also has pop-up ads after you finish a level and drops an ad right in the middle of its controls, making it almost impossible not to tap accidentally. On the plus side, the game's in-game currency flows so freely that it's hard not to unlock the bonus content in a short amount of gameplay.

Plenty of features and unique graphics are the biggest assets of this game. However, all of it might not be enough to forgive the frustrating controls and ads. Give Roller Coaster a shot if you like timing games, but don't expect it to become a huge favorite in your collection.

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