Review: RIoSpy satisfies all your detective needs at a fair price

Spy on multiple Android gadgets at once with an almost alarmingly powerful spying app.

RIoSpy lets you spy on just about anything an Android does and is loaded with features and amazing add-ons. It's such a powerful spying app that you might even be alarmed at what it's capable of.

This app lets you use it for free for only 72 hours. After that, you can buy a package for a few days or an entire year. Each package costs less than a dollar a day and maxes out at $100 per year. The app has to be installed from outside of the Google Play Store, so you have to know how to do that to get it. Once you've installed it and rebooted, RIoSpy completely hides itself from the gadget. It would take a very keen, tech-savvy person to realize that the app is on a device. The app doesn't just actively watch what the gadget is doing; it also reads and reports call and text history from before it was installed. The app sends all of the information to your online account, which you can also view from a companion app. In addition to reading the gadget's browsing history, messages, and calls, it can also track what someone says in instant-messaging apps.

If you need to monitor your Android, RIoSpy is more than capable of getting the job done.

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