Review: Picture Decorator adds fun stickers, frames, effects, and text to photos

Add some cuteness to your smartphone's pictures with many stickers, brushes, and effects included with Picture Decorator.

Picture Decorator offers lots of neat ways to decorate your photos, but it might be a pain to use due to its slower response to touches. It's also packed to the brim with ads that will try to take over your phone. Its social feature does seem fun, though.

During the installation, the app requires a ton of permissions to access your bookmarks and history, phone calls, contacts, and more. In our tests, the app struggled to load the first time. We had to press it several times to get it to open, and even then it took a noticeably long time to load. Before you can get to the good part of the app, you have to page through ads and an ad agreement that tries to load ads all over your browser. You can sign in through Facebook for easy uploads or stay anonymous. The latter helps if you want to upload your creations to Picture Decorator's servers for strangers to see. As for decorating, you can use an app from your gallery or take a picture to decorate, but you'll need a standalone camera app to get pictures. Sadly, it's a pain to actually decorate your pictures. There are plenty of stickers, filters, and effects, but you have to tap repeatedly to get them on your picture. If you mess up and add too many stickers, you will have to delete them one by one. If you're able to get the results you want, the app lets you share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via e-mail.

While there are some neat effects and plenty of ways to dress up your images, there is a price to pay for this free app. If you don't mind the ads and have the patience to tap until you get it right, you might like what Picture Decorator has to offer.

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