Review: Photosphere Live Wallpaper makes use of Android's Photosphere feature

Select and upload your own Photosphere image to get a fully-rotating and unique live wallpaper on your gadget.

Photosphere Live Wallpaper lets you upload and display a Photosphere image right on your home screen, giving you the opportunity to create a unique fully rotating wallpaper of your own. This download installs in the blink of an eye, doesn't drain your battery, and is junk-free.

Photosphere Live Wallpaper doesn't require any special permissions to download and contains no advertising, which is nice. With it, you can scroll a picture in full 3D, instead of just from side to side. It's like the camera took a picture while rotating a full 360 degrees. You control the animation, so you can spin it to your heart's content. It will even shift as you tilt your gadget. Since the wallpaper isn't animated in the traditional sense, it won't do a number on your battery the way most live wallpapers do. Sadly, Photosphere Live Wallpaper only gives you one photo to use -- a generic, but pleasant, landscape shot of a beach. You can use your own images, but they won't look good unless they were made with Android 4.2's photo-stitching feature. If you don't have that, you're stuck with the beach.

Unfortunately, most Android phones can't cash in on all of its features, but if you have a Jelly Bean phone and like live wallpapers, Photosphere Live Wallpaper is one of the coolest apps you can find. It will be particularly interesting to both professional and amateur photographers who like to create 360-degree panoramas and have the tools to do so.

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