Review: Add cute frames to your kid's pictures with Photo Frames for Kids Pictures

Decorate your kid's photos by putting them in funny frames and then share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Frames For Kids Pictures includes a decent number of frames, but we found the results weren't great and the advertising was too intrusive.

This app gives you about 30 different frames targeted toward children and there are a few cardboard cut-outs with kid-friendly characters like bumblebees. You can take a picture from the app with your device's built-in camera or use one from your gallery and slide it to fit in any of the app's cutesy frames. You can easily share the picture on Twitter and Facebook, but if you want to upload the picture to another network, you'll need to save it and then share it. While we liked some of the frames, initially, we weren't all that happy with the results and there weren't many we'd choose to share. The whole process was marred by the ads dropped all over the phone's browser.

There's not enough substance to Photo Frames for Kids to justify putting up with the advertising. There are options on the market that offer more features and less advertising that will have ample kid-themed frames.

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