Review: View weather/time information on a home screen with Minimalistic Text

Display common information on your home screen in basic, easy-to-read letters using Minimalistic Text.

Minimalistic Text is a stylish widget app that displays basic but useful information like the weather on your home screen. Its display size options and customization features mean it can be modified to appeal to almost any user's needs.

The program downloads as a preferences management application, and it does not function until the user installs a widget in the home screen. When attempting to do so, Minimalistic Text has a number of size options, including vertical orientations, which is an option not found on most applications. Once the orientation and size are selected, the program's preferences menu displays, which is well-designed and easy to use. The information displayed can be selected from a number of options, including things like time, date, and weather. A top row, which can be changed by swiping left or right, categorizes options. Users can change the background colors and transparency, along with its position. The text within the widget can also be accented, underlined, or highlighted in bold, among a number of other options. The sheer number of options means nearly anyone can get the look they want. Users can even choose to have the widget's text read aloud after tapping it. For testing, choosing both the weather and time displays worked well and updated as quickly as the main phone screen.

Minimalistic Text looks good and works well. It's recommended for anyone who wants to add a stylish display of basic information to their home screen.

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