Review: LINE Messenger offers great call quality and cute stickers

Make free calls and texts to anyone, no matter where you are using LINE Messenger.

LINE Messenger seems to be one of the best, free messaging apps when it comes to features and looks, but you might not be able to find any of your friends. If you can't, it's definitely worth inviting them to this messenger if your circle hasn't already settled on another app.

This app lets you send free calls and texts to your friends. Unlike other apps, it only lets you send messages to users who already use the app. During testing, there were a grand total of zero people from a contacts list of almost 400. To be fair, the app seems more popular in Asian communities, as it suggested several Asian celebrities to add. If you don't want to invite any of your friends -- which LINE Messenger lets you do with one button -- you can shake your phone or scan QR codes to find people nearby. The app's stylish interface not only looks good, but proved easy to use. To add some fun to your messages, the app includes several goofy stickers you can attach. When someone sends you a text, the window pops up over what you're currently doing, like an IM on a computer. Call quality was excellent, but there was an occasional one- or two-second delay during testing.

As far as features and style go, this app looks fantastic and packs great call quality that you'd be hard pressed to find in other free voice chat apps. If LINE Messenger were more popular, it'd be amazing. It's worth seeing if your friends are on the app, for sure.

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