Review: Browse Facebook while using other apps using Facebook multi window

Keep an eye on your Facebook page even while using other apps on your Android device.

Facebook multi window lets you browse Facebook while using other apps and is surprisingly not disruptive. Serious fans of Facebook who have to keep up with their profile 24/7 could easily love this app.

This unique app essentially gives you a picture-in-picture way of viewing your Facebook profile. It's a lot like having the Facebook widget follow you into other apps. It mimics Facebook's design scheme very well, even down to the signature blue color. You can scale the app to be any size on your screen so it stays out of the way of what you're actually doing. You can hide Facebook multi window at any time and refresh it with just the touch of a button. Since the app uses the browser version of Facebook, it's easy to recognize all of Facebook's marquee features. Accessing them is just as quick as it would be if you were using Facebook in your smartphone or tablet's browser. You don't even have to give the app permission to post on your wall like you would with other apps that borrow features from Facebook.

This application works surprisingly well and is definitely designed for huge Facebook fans. If you don't want to live without Facebook, Facebook multi window is the best way to get it in every app. It lets your Facebook follow you wherever you want it to.

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