Review: Collect bananas as you run for your minion's life in Despicable Me

Enjoy smooth 3D graphics and compete with others in a fun, fast-paced game for Android.

Despicable Me offers all you need in a fun running game: gorgeous graphics, tons of power-ups, and plenty of challenges. For more experienced gamers this game may seem very, very similar to Subway Surfers, even down to the power-ups. Still, if you love the movie and its silly minion characters, you'll probably adore this game.

This running game makes you swipe and tap your screen to make your character dodge obstacles. If you've even played Temple Run or Subway Surfers, this game will be a piece of cake -- it's designed for kids, after all. In this one, you take control of a little yellow Minion from the movie Despicable Me. Many of the movie's other characters pop up, and the voices and sound effects are spot on for the most part. In fact, the game's biggest strengths are its smooth graphics and detailed rendering. The characters and landscape really pop off of your screen and look fantastic, especially when the game changes camera angles in the middle of your run. Since the game is relatively easy, it's not too difficult to stock up on power-ups and complete the game's numerous achievements. Though it doesn't take long to download from Google Play, you'll have to go through two other loading sequences, which take minutes to set up.

The game takes a lot of cues from other running games, but there's a reason those are so popular. This one is just as fun, especially if you're already a fan of the films. Even if you're not, you'll really marvel at how stylish and sleek this freebie is. Despicable Me is one of the best-looking games you'll find for your Android, and your kids will love it.

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