Review: Contactive uses social integration to identify unknown callers

See more details about who's calling you, using this powerful, social contacts application.

Contactive is an easy-to-like contact manager thanks to its good looks and social integration, but some speed dial settings and widgets like you'd find in other contact managers would be more than welcome. If those aren't terribly important to you, this app has a lot to offer.

Contactive lets you sign up for a new account or sign in through Facebook. If you choose the latter, you can import status updates, contact information and other posts from your Facebook friends as well as your address book. The app lets you connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social profiles to get supplemental information from those, as well. When you do, it brings in all of your friend's posts into one nifty profile for them inside of the app. The app also keeps a profile of many random phone numbers, too. That means you'll have a good idea of who's calling you even if they aren't in your address book. We liked the ability to group your contacts by interest and how you know them for easier mass messaging. The app uses your built-in favorites from your Android contact list, so it doesn't have a customizable speed dial, something found in the competition. It doesn't have any widgets, either, another feature found in similar apps.

Contactive is a great way to merge address books for easier communication. However, as far as contact-management features go, it's near the middle of the pack. Download this app if you want to merge your social networks with your gadget's address book, but skip it if you're a fan of widgets and one-touch calling features.

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