Review: Android Network Booster slams you with ads

Connect with a better network signal to the strongest and fastest cell tower available using Android Network Booster.

Android Network Booster occasionally speeds things up by reconnecting to the fastest cell tower available, but it slams you with ads. This app seems to be just a ploy to make quick cash from advertisements.

Android Network Booster claims to make your cellular network faster by providing you with the best network signal. When you use it, it will briefly turn your 3G/4G off and back on to make it seem like it's doing something. However, after multiple speed tests, it only seemed to raise speed one time, taking our 3G from about 500kbps to 600. Most network boosters work on a similar principle -- disable all connections and radios on your phone and then restart the drivers and re-enable the radio. When this occurs your phone does search for the nearest, strongest cell tower and connects to it, naturally boosting your signal and making your connection slightly faster. This app seems to be doing the same thing, too. However, the downside to any speed you gain is that it slams your gadget with ads from Airpush and Startapp. The app even hits you with ads before it lets you "boost" your speed.

Android Network Booster may boost your speed slightly but not in any noticeable way. Not all Android devices support this app, but even for those that do, it's hard to recommend an app that invades your phone with advertising -- with little in return.

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