Review: Free Flac to MP3 performs conversions quickly, but includes junkware

Convert multiple FLAC files to MP3s in no time using this light and easy-to-use converter.

Free FLAC to MP3 quickly and effectively converts your files, but it comes with some additional junk. While completely basic, the program operates as intended and supports batch conversions.

When you're downloading this program, it will hit you with quite a few junkware programs. If you're not careful it will take over your browser with toolbars and other nasty add-on programs. You can opt out of each one, but the program doesn't make it easy for you to avoid walking away clean. If you make it through that minefield, Free FLAC to MP3 works well enough. It lets you convert multiple files at once and works quickly. The main menu offers only three buttons, "Add," "Remove," and "Start Conversion," so it's very easy to get started. You can also just drag and drop files into the interface, choose the output folder, and start batch converting. The main window displays the file name, title, duration, conversion progress, and conversion status. Apart from setting the quality and bit rate in the Settings menu, the program doesn't include any other additional options or custom settings.

Perhaps Free FLAC to MP3 offers a fraction of the functionality of other, more powerful audio converters, but it does what it's supposed to do. If you're looking for a basic program for only one type of file conversion, and don't mind navigating through junkware during the installation, then this program could prove useful.

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