Review: Easily download Instagram albums with Instagram Downloader

Download Instagram pictures and albums with this easy-to-use freeware.

The more pics you download from Instagram, the more you need Major Share's Instagram Downloader, and even more so if you prefer to sample a user's galleries instead of following them. Enter a user's name (even your own) and Instagram Downloader will download the user's entire gallery and display it as thumbnails. You can select all, some, or none; Instagram Downloader will save your selections to a folder of your choice. It can even search one user's gallery while it downloads another user's pictures. This free tool runs in Windows XP to 8. Of course, you'll need a free Instagram account to use Instagram Downloader, but that's easy, too.

Instagram Downloader is tiny, both in download size (61.5KB) and in desktop real estate: Most log-in dialogs are bigger than its semi-transparent user interface, though it manages to include a basic Settings sheet for selecting a download folder or one of more than 40 interface languages as well as Facebook and Twitter links. The entry field's description could serve as Instagram Downloader's basic instructions: "Please enter a Username to queue all pictures." We entered the name of a user we follow on Instagram and then pressed "Enter." Instagram Downloader's indicator showed the program was at work, and in a short while a new window opened with all the photos in the user's album displayed as a collage of thumbnails with a suite of buttons labeled "Select All," "Unselect All," and "Download." We unselected all the images and then manually selected a few, and then pressed "Download." Instagram Downloader counted down each download and finished with a "Done" message, placing our images in the appropriate folder.

Instagram Downloader almost makes it too easy to download a user's entire album and save it all or just the good bits. But no matter how often or how much you use it, there's no doubt Instagram Downloader makes the job easier.

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