Review: Weather Plus 2013 is accurate, but it's sorely lacking features and style

Check the weather in seconds on your Android device using Weather Plus 2013.

Weather Plus 2013 will give you the right temperature, but it won't give you any other information. There are no widgets, no status bar updates, and no options to track multiple locations or get a long-term forecast.

This app isn't available on the Google Play store, so you'll have to sideload it to get it. During the install process, the app asks you to give it control over a ton of permissions. Once you see the app, you'll wonder why it needs your location, calls, messages and even accounts, since it won't track your location for forecast updates. All it will do is let you search for a location and reveal the current temperature for that location. You won't see an extended forecast or any detailed weather information. You can't even change whether the forecast is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Weather Plus 2013 doesn't offer any widgets or other things to let you track the temperature, either.

It's tough to recommend an app when it's easier to talk about what it doesn't have than to talk about what it does. While Weather Plus 2013 does give you an accurate temperature for a specified location, it doesn't hold a candle to any other weather app already on the Google Play store.

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