Review: Navigate a paper ball through an obstacle course with Paper Ball FREE

Progress fast through beautiful levels using different wind conditions with Paper Ball FREE.

Paper Ball FREE employs a realistic physics engine to provide a predictable and fun gaming experience. It is an exciting and addictive game, featuring a clever, little paper ball that rolls along an obstacle course. With the aid of the wind, gravity, and special moves, you must guide your ball through treacherous territory and avoid falling into the abyss.

One would imagine that this game takes up a lot of space but it is actually fairly light at less than 10MB. The first thing that users will notice about Paper Ball FREE is its beautiful graphics. The color scheme is vibrant while the text font is futuristic. The game starts with a small white ball of paper on a two-dimensional plane. The ball will naturally roll forward due to the wind blowing at its tail. The user must tilt the device to resist or embrace the tail wind and overcome obstacles. Special power-ups along the way cause the ball to speed up, slow down, bounce back, or jump. Users can also cause the ball to hop short distances by tapping the screen.

Paper Ball FREE has a high addictive quality to it, similar to the first Super Mario Brothers game. Don't be surprised if you find yourself unable to put your device down as you attempt to progress to the next level.

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